Dr. Pep

Dr Pep

Dr. Perpetua Nkechi Nwosu also known as “Dr. Pep” was born in a small village in Southeastern Nigeria. She obtained her medical degree in 2003 being the first medical doctor in her community. She has worked as a medical practitioner in Zambia, as a General Practitioner in the United Kingdom and in Victoria, BC as a Family Physician. She is a member of the Royal College of General Practitioners in the UK and also a member of the College of Family Physicians of Canada. Dr. Pep undertook her cosmetic/medical Botox and fillers training in the UK with Derma Medical which is one of the renowned and leading providers in this field.

Dr. Pep arrived BC in 2020 during the pandemic having relocated from North-East England. Despite the challenges of the pandemic, she was able to establish her family practice which is not only patient centred but also community orientated.

Dr. Pep realized that with holistic, medical and cosmetic procedures she would take the next step and help her patients and clients look and feel their best.

“As I progressed in my career, I have come to realize that maintaining wellness does not just stop at treating or preventing physical illness, it also includes making people feel confident in their appearance’’.

This has led to the birth of Perpetual Beauty and Wellness. A place where we go beyond treating and preventing physical illness, a place where people come not only to feel well but also to look as good as they feel.

This is why Perpetual Beauty and Wellness was born. Dr. Pep along with her team will help you improve your confidence and keep you healthy inside and out.