Acne Spot Injection


The acne injection treatment is known by many names – Pimple Injection, Cortisone Jab, Intralesional Corticosteroid Injection, Steroid Shots and so on. This treatment helps to shrink, reduce and improve the appearance of large inflammatory acne cysts and cystic acne within a short period of time. Dr Pep will use the acne spot injection to reduce inflammation, flatten swollen cystic acne and fast track healing and recovery from acne problem.


Before the injection is administered, the pus in the acne cyst will be drained before the injection is applied to the active acne cyst. This is to guarantee best results.  When injected, it works by reducing inflammation of the swollen acne cyst, helping to decrease redness, swelling and pain.

When will I see results?

Once the injection is administered, both the antibiotics and corticosteroids start to work immediately, reducing inflammation in the cystic acne within a short period of time usually over the next 12 to 24 hours. The acne cyst is expected to shrink gradually and flatten. At the same time, there will be a reduction in swelling, pain and redness. With this treatment, a patient has lower risks of post inflammatory hyper pigmentation and acne scarring.

Am I suitable for the treatment?

People with cystic acnes are ideal candidates for this treatment. The treatment is recommended as a tremendous option for those who need a quick and effective solution that can reduce and improve the appearance of terrible looking cystic acnes.