PicoSure Pro

The PicoSure Pro Device the #1 pico laser on the market to tackle wrinkles, uneven skin tone, texture, brown spots, pore size and hyperpigmentation – all with minimal downtime!

How It Works

The PicoSure Pro technology delivers energy so rapidly (In trillionths of a second) that tiny particles vibrate and shatter pigment without heat and burning surrounding tissue. It stimulates your skin’s natural refreshing processes to create brighter, younger-looking skin in just 10-minutes!

Start getting these treated today:

• Decrease in collagen and elastin

• Hyperpigmentation

• Acne scars

• Wrinkles

• Large pores

• Sunspots

• Uneven skin tone

• Dull complexion

• Melasma pigmentation

• Nevus of Ota

• Hori’s nevus


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